• Lidia KULIKOVSKI, director general, BM „B.P. Hasdeu”
Keywords: experience, costumized services, user’s management, relationship, loyality.


           The librarians are looking for innovative ways to increase the social value of infodocumentary institutions. We know that any way to improving, reinventing and restructuring the activity in a library is generated and conditioned by user. What does he want today? What and how astonish him, to convince him to come to the library, to use and remain loyal to the library? Users are no longer satisfi ed with standardized services and the variety of practiced forms, methods haven’t results. In management literature increasingly is circulated a new concept – the experience. The experiential model comes from economics. The big companies have found, and this is good for libraries, that the only correct way is to focus on the users’ experience, on the individual use (customized), on the individual behaviour using the library, on the capability of the librarian to design products, services explicitly enhancing user experience. In the XXI century will survive these economic and cultural institutions that treat the offer as an experience, as an experience performed in ways that captivates people, leaving pleasant memories. Libraries are part of the activities that orchestrate experiences.


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KULIKOVSKI, director general, BM „B.P. Hasdeu”, L. (2020) “MODELUL EXPERIENŢIAL AL ACTIVITĂŢII BIBLIOTECARE”, BIBLIOPOLIS, 45(4), pp. 9-17. Available at: (Accessed: 14April2021).
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