• Radu MOTOC
Keywords: Royal Academy in Bucarest, the higher education institution.


                 In 2014 were marked 320 years since the establishment of the "Royal Academy of Bucharest". Moldavian prince Vasile Lupu (1634- 1653) established in 1640 a "Royal Academy" in the monastery of the Three Hierarchs in lossy. During the same period Matei Basarab (1632-1654) opened a school of classical studies at Targoviste, which makes the transition to university degree. The language of instruction in these educational institutions was the Greek, which persisted for more than two centuries. The Romanian historiography long wavered on the date of creation of this fundamental institution for education in the Romanian Country. Several historians, including Victor Papacostea, Constantin C. Giurescu Serban Cantacuzino, Nicolae lorga, Erbiceanu Constantin, Gheorghe Cronţ and Ariadna Camariano-Cioran, have issued various assumptions about the period (1679-1695) when it was established that"Royal Academy". One who brings the most credible arguments on the foundation year is Victor Papacostea that signals the speech of the first teacher of the Academy, Sevastos Kyminitis, dedicated to the prince Constantin Brancoveanu, praising in the rhetorical manner of time. Thereby the year 1694 is fixed as the year of establishing of "Royal Academy” in Bucharest. This "Royal Academy" taught many people and names such as M. Creţulescu, lordache Creţulescu (son-brâncovenesc) Barbu Greceanu Thomas Cantacuzino, Stefan Cantacuzino, Constantine, that will follow the throne of Constantin Brancoveanu and others.


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